Detection and Sensing


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Counter UAS (C-UAS)

Counter UAS technology focuses on detecting, identifying, and mitigating unauthorized or malicious drones. With the increasing popularity of drones, it is crucial to have effective systems in place to protect sensitive areas, such as airports, government facilities, and public events. Our expertise in C-UAS technology allows us to recommend the most advanced and reliable solutions to ensure the safety and security of your airspace.

GPR Systems for Ground Mapping

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems are used in drone technology to create detailed maps of the subsurface. These systems utilize electromagnetic waves to detect and map underground structures, utilities, and geological features. Whether you are involved in construction, archaeology, or environmental studies, our hardware specialists can guide you in selecting the most suitable GPR system for your specific needs.


Magnetometers play a crucial role in mineral exploration and detection. By measuring variations in the Earth's magnetic field, these devices can identify potential mineral deposits beneath the surface. Our expertise in magnetometer technology allows us to recommend high-quality devices that can enhance your mineral exploration efforts and improve the accuracy of your findings.

Gas Detection and Fugitive Emissions Sensing

Gas detection and fugitive emissions sensing are essential in various industries, including oil and gas, chemical plants, and environmental monitoring. Drones equipped with advanced sensors can efficiently detect and monitor gas leaks, providing early warnings and preventing potential hazards. Our hardware specialists can assist you in selecting the most reliable and accurate gas detection systems to ensure the safety of your operations.

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