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Optimize Remote Operations with the Ultimate DJI Dock Solution. Maximize operational capabilities with the advanced features of the DJI Dock. Enhance your productivity with the cutting-edge technology of the DJI Dock, designed to streamline your remote operations.

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DJI Specialized

DJI Fly Cart30
  • Mission Planning Survey

    Aerial Survey & Mapping

    Aerial survey and mapping are valuable for urban planning, helping city planners assess land use and make informed decisions about zoning and development.

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  • BVLOS Inspections

    BVLOS inspections use unmanned aerial vehicles without direct visual contact, enabling efficient data collection over larger areas.

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  • Search & Rescue Missions

    Thermal drones with infrared cameras can detect heat signatures of living beings, aiding in finding missing persons or survivors in remote areas.

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  • LiDAR Surveys

    LiDAR surveys provide accurate spatial data for identifying terrain features and are valuable for engineering projects, flood modeling, land-use planning, and natural resource management.

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  • Point Cloud Intelligence

    Utilize point cloud data from LiDAR or Photogrammetry for analysis. Point clouds are 3D data points representing object surfaces or terrains. Extract insights and information from dense datasets.

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  • Orthomosaic (2D)

    High-resolution images created by stitching together individual aerial photographs or images from drones, forming a precise georeferenced map free from distortions.

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